Link Garden

My Web Neighbours (cool sites + inspirations)

Cool Picrews

Assemble an Animal - Stuffed animal maker, huge variety!

Chubby Girl Maker - Cartoony plus-sized girls.

Colorful Creature Maker - Cute Webkinz-esque little guy maker.

Fat Chara Maker - Another plus-sized picrew, this one's anime style and androgynous.

Garfieldsona Maker - Shitpost picrew but if you want a Garfieldsona, knock urself out.

Papa's Games Ticket Makers - Ever wondered what your OC would order in a Papa's game? Wonder no more, there's one for every game as far as I'm aware.

Sonic Maker - Self-explantory Sonic the Hedgehog OC maker.

Sonoma's Fella Maker - Like the colourful creature maker, now in anthro form! (tw: drugs/blood)

Stardew Valley Character Creator by Jazzybee - Not technically a picrew ik, but serves as the same thing for Stardew portraits!

Strange Character Maker - A "Bizarre" Picrew. (It's Jojo lol)

Wervty's Obscured Icon Maker - A very uniquely stylised bust picrew.

Fuzzy Worm Maker - Oh, worm?

Art Resources

51 Great Animation Excercises to Master - A series of animation excercises that slowly increases in complexity to teach you the basics of animation. Used by the industry pros!

Black Hair Resources - A google doc containing many helpful resources for studying POC hairstyles, includes stylization!

Etherington Brothers - Creators of the "How to THINK when you Draw" series of tutorials. If you're stuck on it, they probably have a tutorial on it! (also donate to their kickstarter for phsyical copies of the series if you can)

Ezgif - Online gif maker, super useful for short animations and general GIF editing.

Line of Action - Art study site used for warm-ups and practice. A wide range of topics to study.

Make Word Art - Make those silly Microsoft Word text art images for free.

Lospec - Essential pixel art site, includes color palettes, pixel art resizing, tutorials and more.

Whiteboard Fox - That collaborative drawing site you keep seeing on DeviantArt, simplistic but fun with friends!