Welcome to my silly little page. Come chill with me in cyberspace. Before you start exploring what little I have to offer here, let's get acquainted...

    (Disclaimer: This page is very much a WIP please bare with me I am not an expert)

    Who are you?

    I'm just a silly little creature adding a little colour to a dull world, you can call me Jenny or Pika, either works! She/Her but you can probably already tell, not overly fussed though. I'm just trying to carve a little place I can call home into the internet because social media sucks balls rn :/. Oh, and you can learn about me a little more in-depth in my About Me section, just click the button on the top.

    What's going on here?

    I'll try to include as many fun distractions in this page as I possibly can, might use this page as a public journal of sorts but for starters I'm an aspiring artist so you're free to check out my portfolio or find my social links, Im hoping to go into character design so I have way too many ocs lol. I'm working on a toybox with all sorts of cool stuff (currently empty unfortunately). But in the meantime, not say hi to Eclair our beloved clefairy? Click on my various other virtual pets to help the little guys out? Then before you leave sign my guestbook or use the live chat, I'll be in there too sometimes hehe. You can navigate with the buttons on the top bar, explore as much as you'd like! (By the way, did you see the kitty in the corner? ;))

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